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Are You Ready To Take Your Bite Of The Online Business?

We enable you to get ahead and to take your dream of owning a home based online business to the next level.

At Shark Start Ups we also broker existing businesses and can even help you sell your business or set a franchise if this meets your need.

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We offer various opportunities for clients to create and develop an online business that is easy to run, fun to manage and therefore likewise enjoyable to grow.

Most importantly our technical support and marketing experience is provided for free to keep the cost low.

We provide comprehensive training on platforms like WordPress, Opencart, Woo-commerce and also mainstays like eBay and Amazon to name but a few.

There are many ways to make money online and we can show you how.

We design and tailor the business for you and you can jump in, moreover, you can start training and learning as you go.

It’s purposely made very easy.



Ecommerce solutions that simply work and 1-2-1 training to help you get the most from your brand new business.



The easiest way to get started with your own business and we have suppliers that can offer you all kinds of products.



Wholesale is better for more experienced sellers with a little storage space and the margins are often incredible.


What Can You Earn?

The topic of income will always be raised and being frank, you can be certain that with any business you run anywhere, the following is true.

You generally only get out what you put in.

As corny as that sounds, it is the truth and what we provide is a vital road map, the paradigm which enables you to do just that.

You decide once you have all the correct components in your possession.

How much of yourself and your time you are want to invest in running the business.

There are never fake promises of 7 figure salaries but you can create meaningful income for just an hour or so a day.

We all love additional income streams and the possibilities with us are near limitless.

Make A Business Work For You

Time Is Money

We have been setting clients off on their journey and creating custom start-up businesses one way or another for several years now.

Our mentors have a real thirst for imparting that knowledge and likewise that insatiable drive that many would be entrepreneurs simply lack.

It is what motivates us and therefore what makes our running a business totally worthwhile.

We work with both B2B and B2C clients and fulfil projects both large and small for companies and markets as diverse as the health and beauty industry and also the online retail market assisting with auction site businesses.

The variation is huge and the opportunities are everywhere.

With the volume of customers looking for services and products each day both in the high street and online.

There is enough market share for thousands of people to even be selling to same items and still make a great and sustainable income from it.

Our programs teach you to smell opportunities like a shark can and through this you can latch on to trends which of course in turn, helps to us create businesses that are both fun to run and viable.

These businesses can also be worked around your family or current working commitments.

What Business Will Suit You?

Affiliate marketing and MLM are both very popular and have seen massive increases in companies popping up on the likes of Facebook and Instagram selling anything from dietary aides through to cosmetics.

With the advent of Covid-19 and the ensuing chaos it caused with working and with life in general, home based businesses that are online based are more popular than ever.

This means competition can be fierce also.

We show you how to get ahead of the game.

You could also buy or even dropship stock direct from suppliers to your customers, again keeping costs low.

If this is your first outing into an online business or selling online, then a dropshipping business start-up package would likely be the best and also most affordable option.

Full training is provided through our access program, meaning that anyone can learn the skills need to manage and run a profitable business with no previous experience or knowledge being required.

Additionally this comes with full training in every aspect of running the business.

Take The Plunge

For a totally free and no obligation quote on any business, please feel free to contact us using the web form provided and we will show you what we can do.

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