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Start Up Businesses

By it very definition, this is a new business that we assist in setting up for you and then hand over, ready to run - most of the work is already done and you would need to marketing a promote yourself to grow your brand - very straight forward.

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Turn-Key Businesses

This is a ready running business that has had a few sales and may even be several years old, with marketing in place, customer interest already there - you walk in a pick up where the last owner left off.

These are typically higher valued businesses and with that in mind they tend to suit business owners with a bit of experience.

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The Genius Set-Up

Set up so you create income with little or even no investment in any inventory and much less is  required of your time to promote the products as they sell themselves and your customers find you more readily  through combination marketing methods.

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Can You Spare Just An Hour A Day?

The premise of running a business may sound like a lot of work and might make you think that you are going to be missing out on family time, fun time and being tied to a computer each day - this couldn't be further from the truth and with our set ups, you can run them from just 60 minutes a day and also be totally mobile at the same time - just like us.

This level of freedom within a business in by far and away the least stressful way to generate a valuable 2nd income for your family and also means your business is easier to run.

A Bespoke Experience Each Time

Each customer is 100% unique, each idea is their own - our input is there as impartial advice and the voice of experience and it serves to shape that idea or dream you have into a workable and valid business that you can run and learn from at your own pace, then our support program provides the required new skills to do this and also it amplifies any skills that you may already have.

You would be amazed t what you may already know and in most cases we find that clients pick up the methods very fast even if it may be unfamiliar territory for them to begin with.

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Take The Plunge

For a totally free and no obligation quote on any business, please feel free to contact us using the web form provided and we will show you what we can do.